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I joyfully began to nod the head, darting an inquiring glance at the employee. She nodded, supporting my decision. We with it hardly waited the terminations of the working day. Having taken keys at hospitable армяна and having received detailed instructions how to reach his house, we began to catch a taxi. The elderly, moustached driver agreed to bring us to the specified address only when I promised to it generously to pay a trip.

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I pulled down from it a shirt, and it, having lifted up a skirt, impatiently, but carefully began to pull down stockings, and then shorts. In turn I unbuttoned a belt on its trousers and a fly, having moved apart feet. It sharply entered into me. I put hands to it on shoulders, at all in forces to embrace, so it aggressively had me, and heroin so unexpectedly operated.

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The angered director of the company shouted at it and пргрозил to dismiss. When I was arranged to work, he suggested to oversleep with it, with easy hitch admitted Michel, I refused, from for it he refused to photograph me all or the person, and resolved only hands, and expel vobshche cannot from that at it one of the best photographers my brother. We slowly moved down the street and talked about everything, I told about Russia, St. Petersburg, which Michel saw only in photos, compared architecture, because of patriotism argued, whose city is more beautiful.

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Sharply jerked on itself a compartment door. And, Sascha waved a hand. You the main thing, it, the mobster, be not lost. It you went, having winked at Yury and without having forgotten to close behind itself a door. Yury really did not expect similar turn of events though where that in undercover corners of his consciousness the hope of a similar outcome still remained.