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I was to it more, than is grateful. That I felt to him, without saying that for a long time simply stopped thinking about myself as about the woman, suddenly blossomed and began to yield the natural fruits. Both of us were lit. It also is a miracle. You shine, when me see.

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The learned text I told. I was in confusion for all this time it for the first time started talking to me as with the person, instead of as with a dog. It took me for a neck. Yes. I low said. Having a little thought.

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In our city, is more exact even in ours the area lived there were two slightly pridurkovaty the companion. They found themselves casually, passing from school to school, they as that got in a place to one class and not to receive arrivals skilled in their class and school they united, and then this their commonwealth developed into friendship. School they finished fir-tree fir-trees, without having arrived anywhere, fornicated on the city searching on the ass of adventures, waiting the agenda in army. Both natives of rich families what to see them and united at this not so perspective school of our city. Lisa after that went to a shower, and a brigade from males jerked to itself home.

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I stammered and could not tell any word. Feeling such that suddenly forgot all human speech. For an instant I turned away and saw my Nastya's approximated eyes, she did not expect from me such. But почемуто, then to me was all the same that she will think. Before me there was other woman who subordinated to itself my will.