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Having become straight I smiled with a type of the winner. Having carried out on lips a finger also licked it, I understood that just now I know that such sex that such to be the Woman. You invented me D. Orbenina I perfectly hear you.

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I want to pee Tanechk in you, I now will terminate, open a mouth. Please darling I know you the clear head. ООООЙ AAAA. From her words me all shook from excitement, I as in a fog simply opened a mouth and began to catch its shooting streams. That that I was not in time сглатывать flew on my person.

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The sky covered with only casual stars, flickering without special need, looked too gloomy. What long it to observe, a lot of patience and a known share of pessimism was required. Than, to a word at that time I possessed much, and on it having conveniently settled down on a wicker chair, allowed the thoughts to carry away me so far from the coast as soon as it is possible. Passed it is no more than ten minutes, as my hearing was disturbed by a sound of coming nearer steps. Kind night.

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I spoke with all men of our office. Thought that on one that on another. But a half of them was an alibi, Katka they told were with me. There are four persons. Our chief Sergey Nikolaevich, Andrey, Pasha, and young boy of years 18. Him called if I am not mistaken Denis.