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Young mechanic I want to tell story of how in a working environment the blyadstvo and a pokhotlivost as girls turn in eblivy blyady prospers, and then become working whores for simple hard workers. Right after army I was arranged to work as the car mechanician in one of motorcades in the Vladimir region. I and now there work, twenty two years later, and then I still 20тилетний the guy was arranged in a motorcade. Outside the end 80х the heat of reorganization and neglect of everything that only it is possible in its most literal manifestation.

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All right, all right, well, already I leave. With these words Vitya clasped jeans and left, a door, however, did not begin to close. Julia rose, sat down on a sofa. Her face still was in the semi-smeared sperm, sperm started to follow from a cunt and from an ass. The chief rose, the handkerchief, the truth submitted to Julia the pure. Be wiped while, Julia, water at us all the same disconnected.

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It seems to me, we should get warm, Mark with a smile placed Jennifer on the region, and itself left the pool on steps. They took seat again on a grass, massing bodies of each other. Having dried on the sun, having covered with kisses of each other from feet to the head, they at last returned to the house. In half an hour, had a rest after a shower, Jennifer left on kitchen. Mark did not give a sign, but noted it.

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Evening. инсцест the aunt busy zagran. pasporty and purchases to departure to Poland noticed nothing. in day of its departure I was unwell and to see off did not go it and щосталась to beds. woke up from that that ктото sucks nipples.