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Listen, I was bothered by these games, give, having slightly shouted, she told. No, to it you listen, I shouted and developed it to a table. And after these words I took it for a nape and drained in it. It lifted up hands and weakened.

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It was cool he told. Yes. About the beginning, of course, it was sick, but then became so кайфово. Yes.

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Olga untied me. But I did not know that to me to do, I understood that if I now voluntary allow me to flog it that it will be a new stage in our relations the unknown while for me. Both of us know that it is pleasant to you, turn over. And I turned over.

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Alexander Lenochka It occurred on November 17, 2003. We as always noted a birthday of the colleague at office. Got drunk fairly. Went to continue to one girl on the apartment. There too continued, but I any more did not drink and I would like debauchery.