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And it is very pleasant to me. It is wet and strongly it would be desirable to touch itself there. Usually or in the morning after a dream, or in the evening when I lay down. And sometimes both in the morning and in the evening.

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Hear, Logunov. You do not look for the wife. It left. With какимто hmyry, I do not know it.

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Michel My wife died 5 years ago, it was certainly the hard blow for me, but nevertheless the love storming in us during youth, already ceased, besides I was already morally ready to it, it had a cancer of a throat and she slowly died already in a current of year so the death became its disposal of sufferings. Two months which have passed after her death, I practically do not remember, pomnyumny drank, often did not spend the night at home, remaining in an insole drunk for the night with friends. Women were not, and I can simply them did not remember in drunk waste, so it is possible to consider that they were not. Whether and врят that could it will turn out at physical level at the man endured a stress and alcohol using liters per day.

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It took the shorts and wiped all sperm them. Oh, делов we did, the patient already should be taken away from operation. She dressed dirty shorts, then dressed the suit and ran in procedural for further work. And I made toilet and went in operational for transportation of the patient. Fairy tale 1. Certification of employees We have anybody and did not give special value to that in May, just on the eve of a season of holidays, there was a new personnel officer to be exact, the well-cared silent man of the years 40, enjoying a big favor of the chief.