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I saw as Svetka put a hand between feet to Igor and without stopping to talk to us the beginnings to it slowly to mass хуй. I compressed a hand Zhenkina a knee and showed eyes in that party. Zhenka periodically darted a glance there where there was Svetkina a hand. I will follow mineral water, Eugene told and I will smoke, I told and we left on kitchen when we returned Igor sat on a sofa in one T-shirt, and Svetka did it a cocksucking. It it is deep and with pleasure the member sucked in it, her dressing gown was lifted up having bared nice buttocks in lacy shorts.

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For these years we had a good friendship. It brought up me for work, we together went on work to local business trips, and it seemed to me that we became friends, good friends. I thought my heart will become torn with happiness. He embraced me very gently and quiveringly, we kissed directly in a corridor. The desire to possess the friend the friend was so strong that we started to undress there where stood. I extinguished light and only sparks of a New Year tree shined a room, blinking and multi-colored modulations.

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The situation extremely raised and I felt that now I will terminate. Having entered the vibrator most deeply several times, felt as I finish. When I was blissfully stretched on a chair, Andrey approached to me, sharply lifted from a chair, developed me faced to a table and a little even roughly laid me a breast on a table so my back was bulged and opened to it a fine look. It slightly шлепнул me on elastic buttocks and sharply entered. I felt that at it not small and dosatochno the stout member, but it with ease entered into a wet cat for all length. Andrey Sergeyevich started to bang me at once quickly and sharply I could not constrain pleasure groans.

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After all if not my chief, I would go with all, and Ania would be live. Since then Andrey left old friends, every time when circumstances allowed began to live the hermit, but, went, one, in those caves. He said that investigated in them everything. All manholes into which the person, all ращелины, deadlocks could squeeze. Everywhere it visited several times, hoping to find a course which he did not notice earlier.