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You the main thing, it, the mobster, be not lost. It you went, having winked at Yury and without having forgotten to close behind itself a door. Yury really did not expect similar turn of events though where that in undercover corners of his consciousness the hope of a similar outcome still remained. That he is not dared to hope for similar development of actions, but nevertheless hoped, it seemed natural. Really to it such chance dropped out, it is possible to tell a happy lot while he did not want really, but it gave to a certain hope of success in the forthcoming actions to Yury.

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From good legs any man is dragged. Do not suffer, the darling. I in the same situation and, pomoy, all women who in this firm worked through such game passed. I after all here too not came to work as the secretary, and the financier, in two days it and I will be.

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That you do, she was indignant, let out me. No, I answered. If want, get it and leave. And I showed it that I lay down a key to myself in swimming trunks, but actually it remained with me, and she did not see it. And that now, I told, coming nearer to it lips and slightly concerning it. Give, it said in low tones, embracing me for a back.

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She understood, it is impossible what to say lies. Brought the fingers to a glass and started to drive on it a forefinger on its upper edge. It subconsciously showed these that it is strongly raised. I could not breathe simply.