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I started to bargain with it, and we agreed that with three another's men, I agrees to strike with me and without me. I began searches of these three men, but found only one, my old companion, the scientist. When it came to us to the apartment, Marina sat on a bed, in a short dress, without a brassiere. The dress bottom hardly covered her wet cat already by this moment. However, Alexander so called my old friend, could not insert the member into her cat. Possibly she did not want it.

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With the wife the sexual relations were regular, but limitation in behavior of the spouse did not allow it to take any non-standard steps to a bed. Even he started to kiss its vagina after much persuasion on the eleventh year of joint life. Bigger it let's do to it, therefore recently gradually from sex they passed to frank execution of a duty, thus without receiving special pleasure. It went to this business trip itself, realizing importance of executed works and allocated with the director the right to make in such cases independent decisions. The main part of work was carried out by eight employees, and Sergey except the solution of the questions, carried out the general management. Without knowing, for what reasons of Lyusya there was one, Sergey understood that with her sexual temperament it could not remain without continuous man's intervention in internal parts of a body.

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In the evenings sitting in the room, I ask from it forgiveness and I ask, that it returned. Whether I do not know he will hear me, but very much it it would be desirable. The subject sexual домогательст and blackmail often disguised in our life is quite actual. Not without reason not so long ago there passed in Ukraine an action of students devoted to this subject. Students arranged the quite good dramatized representation very bright and frank.