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At this time they surrounded me from all directions, is impudent лыбясь. I tried to pass by them, but one of guys pushed me back in the center, the formed circle. Children release me, I will shout, I rather plaintively uttered indistinctly. It is time to work as a mouth, the child. Igor said the last words with obvious disappointment.

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You know, I before our meeting specially drank four liters of juice to deliver you such pleasure. To me it became clear, why urine has such pleasant taste. Consider that you are employed. I wait for you at office on Monday. Have a bite and buy new clothes.

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Even I would tell that I still have not enough of it. I want to test much stronger humiliation with you. I do not know, but it is so pleasant to me to be your toilet, you even cannot imagine. I know, but it is pleasant to me. I speak, I simply finish, when you писаешь in me. Moron.