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You kneel, чутьчуть поддернув a skirt, and safely unbutton a fly. The gentle handle you get and you clasp it the member, average length, quite thick, with a big crimson head, and slightly inflexed. Considering a bludgeon, you began to smile joyfully, and your eyes began to shine, you looked upward, to it in eyes and started to caress it hands. You feel, how became warm in the bottom of your stomach, and it would be desirable to start there a hand.

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Let's everything leave as is. It was necessary to me to listen to it and everything began to flow the turn. After a while it appeared that rural Natasha became pregnant and gathered to the decree. I was glad that I will see it seldom. Closer to summer Natasha remained itself on work, but there was her new workmate soon. Called her Light and was a little more younger than it.

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Agreed, to a meeting. I do not know, how passed two hours dividing us. I came to our place earlier for about fifteen minutes, and it seemed that there passed the whole eternity until as I saw you. This evening you spoke only, but I did not hear your words, only a tonality of your voice, it calms. Approximately I understood that you speak, namely that tonight I remained at you but as your parents, no, I will not sustain it, so much time is near the person to whom it would be desirable to touch, tell чтото gentle and tender, with the person who should not know about your desires, it will be awful torture for me. But you insist, you know that I never will refuse to you, and I am compelled to agree.

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Now I feel that behind me there is not certain unknown to me a being, namely the Man. About it to me tells feeling of the heavy firm flesh, resting to me in a back. Yes, I know that it is possible to call it the member, a phallus, a penis, and still any indecent words which I heard still the child. Any of these words is not pleasant to me. That rests to me against a back there should be the name which I do not know. The first push forces my feet to lose the last support.