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Saw all small and not so friendly staff. In smoke breaks on an office porch Ira was wiped all the time about me. From a smoke break to a smoke break all became getting drunk and getting drunk. Ira, the girl with juicy forms and big lips, drew long ago my attention, but I constrained myself изза wives. Its black hair and a short-sighted look, a magnificent bottom and a breathing breast, will raise imagination of any healthy guy. Probably in youth she was the princess so to 30 and chose to itself the prince, having remained one.

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There began Marina, but stopped short. The system was loaded and on a desktop the smart picture seemed. the harmonous man was going to enter into the woman who has placed foot who smiled directly in the chamber. I was confused. Long ago already wrote the program which twice a day changed wall-paper on a table, using drawings from the directories specified in settings. And now, means, such beautiful picture.

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Part 4 No. Well, well, then let's talk about it. It was transferred. We with Paulina go for a drive on a carpet.