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Us placed in usual chamber on the same floor in the left wing, in the right there were women in labor. We took a shower and took seat on the beds, gradually accustoming on a new place. In chamber besides beds there were two bedside tables, in ugluplatyany a case on the lock, two chairs, on the center a small table, at a vkhodeumyvalnik. kukhonny pendant case.

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I envied Zhenka. I love any such petty intrigues, Nastya told. tell, horror as I love such stories Well not everything so simply, let's rent the apartment that nobody prevented my story, as though joking I told. My mother in sanatorium, the apartment empty, went to it. In a hall I embraced her for a waist and turned to myself.

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MMMM, it moaned, from eyes tears scattered. Two members were in it completely and banged her at full capacity. It groaned, but did not stop us. Olya who looked at it from outside, widely placed feet, masturbated.

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I listened to it, be touched, turned, and could not fall asleep. Nobody found such words for me so often spoke to me Glory when I again admired it.and it for me. In a word, though my fears appeared are vain, at me sleeplessness again began.