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Having come in the evening home, Ania told everything to me, I to it expressed the opinion that time she wants to receive this position and for it it is important, I not against its petty intrigue with the chief, but only surely tell me about all cases of your changes with it and in detail, I to Ania laid down conditions. The wife agreed. Passed two weeks, after ours with it conversation, the director did not stick to Ania and did not show it attention signs. But soon it caused it to itself(himself) both declared, and asked it to be late after work and to come to it. Having waited the terminations of the working day and when all employees dispersed from office.

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What you impudent, the debauchee, and the more I spoke, the planted the legs in the parties as it should is a shame to you more widely, he muttered, and began a finger to drive to me between sponges. I covered eyes and if now who here was not, I would fall on a back and allowed to do to it with me that to it will take in head, and I probably would change to the husband. It was persevering, gentle, and so tenderly said that I beautiful, and so gently ironed me that I bent down even below to it, and whispered. It is a little more and you will rape me the finger.

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It was a show. I hung, being slightly shaken, and behind my crotch the views drilled, men who have already gone crazy from excitement. The chief waited a pause, Wanted all. The chief gave the panel. Me again developed faced to men.

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I howled from pleasure. What licked my clitoris, lowered my back by means of the panel, even lower, itself laid down on a floor and got my cunt, on standing as a stake, the member. Then all of them traded places. My body as dough, rumpled four men, two banged me in a cunt and in a bum, one licked my clitoris. Fourth I sucked the dick. The chief watched us and was happy.