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Money was not, hyper inflation, was necessary to change every morning the prices for the goods, a salary for years any more did not give out, pensions froze, the country slowly degraded and died out. Also it was necessary to me to live during this period, I remember and I shudder. From Tajikistan we in literal sense ran, war began, at first there left Koreans, Germans, then already Russian, it was flight. I married not so long ago, Irka, the wife the good girl, the beauty, black hair, white skin, the passionate little girl, and still the son, slept in the afternoon, and at night arranged to us performance as young daddy I was angry, but understood that he then and, and still was angry.

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This acquaintance was now on vacation abroad and left by it keys that would look after the apartment and fed parrots, here now these keys were useful by the way. So we six together, approached to this apartment, guys told that it is necessary to behave very silently that Larissa did not hear, and that will be frightened and will leave, having seen us, it is necessary to wait, while it will not climb on it, and then it is possible and to enter. Guys slowly opened a door, the benefit the lock worked silently, and Shreds specially did not close a door from within on a latch. We gradually passed on kitchen, exposed binge and snack on a table and listened. We with astonishment looked at them, and they told that at the Shred the member of twenty six centimeters, and залупа in size with your fists when it for the first time with women, all of them shout under it, but when get used to such cudgel, do not lag behind it. We gradually approached to the door and slightly opened it, they lay on a big bed, straps of a dress of Larissa were lowered and her breast was bared, Shreds lay on it and kissed her breasts, from below the dress too was lifted up, his hand was between her feet which it squeezed.

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This night I will have only you. And anybody is more. It began to smile again. I told to myself that for a second I will not lose sight of you if to me will carry and we will meet, she embraced Jack, nestled on his breast. To me it is so good with you.

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Its smile became even more widely, in eyes there was a mischief. Her breast almost rested against mine. Everything was farther, dreamily. Our lips merged in a long, hot kiss, hands caressed each other, hurrying to release bodies from the clothes remains. Without interrupting a kiss, we slowly fell by a cover. Slightly plump hips of the American dispersed in the parties, hardly my member buried in accurately shaved pubis.