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He tried, to slip from it. It is not necessary Serezhenka. Lie down. To me with you it is good. To me very well now with you my beloved boy.

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No, no, the chief told, Wait still. I showed you not all development. It took other panel and from above there went a special design. While it went, the man who coffee saws painfully seized my boobs and started me to milk. In turn, delaying nipples, it began to squeeze out milk to itself(himself) in a cup with coffee.

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At this time in a corridor fuss was heard какаято. I switched off a desk lamp and silently approached to the door. Rimma too showed curiosity. Having silently slightly opened a door we saw as in a dark corridor at a window, having by moonlight bent with the lifted-up skirt, there was a wife of our commander, and the chief of a staff with какимто violent frenzy hollowed it. One hand it closed her mouth that it strongly did not groan, and another pulled it for hair to itself(himself). It lasted minutes 5.

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Sleeplessness, no, only not it, as though I wanted to fall asleep simply now, and to appear гденибудь far. No, only not it, your casual touches dement me, I try to behave in hands, it turns out nothing, hands reach for you. Everything in a room calms down, only a tikanye of hours and our breath, you fall asleep, slowly I too am disconnected, the main thing not to make in a dream чегонибудь. No, I do not trust, after all last night was nothing, breaks from my language. You in my embraces, I do not want you to release, I so long waited for this moment.