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I am sure that he, simply did not notice that I was not home, and children, my sister Olga will feed. It arrived yesterday and to me not to avoid its questions full of female curiosity. After all such, with me, occurred for her memories, for the first time. You understand, she, probably, very much worries, the poor thing, изза my strange absence.

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It immediately arrived to us on I lodge, dragged with myself a lot of beer, and champagne. Certainly, we drank for acquaintance, then for all the rest. When, stopped to drink, all were thoroughly drunk, I was especially strongly drunk. Shreds, was in good shape, such carousals were for it not rare. That it was impossible to tell about me. To me it became bad, the head hurt, pulled on vomiting.

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Hey, more softly. I after all can and change the mind. Now you will be often necessary to me. Certainly, if this work is necessary to you Till tomorrow.

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And again the bed began to creak under sounds of their voluptuous groans. Rayechka, recently ктото said to me that considers it as change to the husband. Please, do not cling to words of the unfortunate woman who have got confused in feelings. The beautiful woman, cannot be unfortunate, expensive. Still as can. Here I, for example, Forgive.