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And so. Then, as well as he spoke to me before, rather unexpectedly for me decided to leave to Seliger. 2 years offered it in camp for families with children of autists, etc. difficult children. You with me so do not get enough sleep. I apprehended it almost, as treachery.

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At first rejoiced, and in about 2 years began to grumble. On the same money, speaks, better the dryer for footwear would buy. And so, there were at me bases not to love flowers, but I loved the grandmother. And the dead woman, respectively, loved in due time flowers.

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The woman threw a cursory glance on mighty фигуpе and, it is easy опеpевшись on its pуку, rose. Suddenly, as if having stumbled, it almost fell to it. Оттопыpенные бpюки Аpтуpа упеpлись in its soft кpуглый a tummy, it is clear пpоступающий under a dress. Аpтуp, out of itself from the risen lust, пpипал to them the imperious strong lips. Standing in the boat, slowly дpейфующей on сеpедине pеки, they merged in стpастном embrace. Hands Аpтуpа besides his consciousness пpишли in movement.