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It turned over on a back and it sat down to it on a granite stomach, having dissolved feet. Well rebyatushka, the voice of the strategist was heard. Out of the corner of the eye Fox saw, how that laces up sandals and rises. To Lisy it was easy, he felt a young lion, it jumped, put on a strong round board, their friend about the friend seized in a hand a sharp spear and брякнул. He was again ready.

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Dancing with Vladimir, I felt force proceeding from it, confidence and turning the head began to smell his bodies. The more long I danced with it, the more I would like it. Vladimir suggested me to leave again on a balcony. This time except us on a balcony there was Sergey and Anton, friends of Vladimir. I was a little upset with it as deeply in soul hoped that Vladimir will play again with me.

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We then with you were yet married and met. Yes how many it was drunk with them alcohol. By the way Iza made us very interesting proposal. He asked to answer urgently as next week already they leave home home. As I am glad my dear friends that you arrived to me At last we reached to the apartment which they removed. On met Amin.