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I, вообщето, deputy of the State Duma Driver I went today since morning on affairs, took since morning of our driver the young boy, blood level in its testosterone likely minimum, everything about what he can think and tell it sex. and the whole day with it is an impossible flour because in the car to it to one boringly to sit and it everywhere is dragged with me, telling, how many time in a night it can have the woman. as though scoffs, I after all told to it that itself had not sex nearly two weeks. and when in turn this young boy tells me, in what pose it is convenient in extreme situations what, in his opinion, the linen is put on on all women. also suggests to guess, what is put on on me.

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They shot at a step to its spasms. Tanechk open a mouth please I cannot restrain. I needed as to try to be in time nothing behind it and to swallow. I cannot explain but me it so raised that itself seized her hips nestling on it. And Olga only constantly cried out.

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The lump gathered in my groin, but I could not terminate everything in any way. Irina began to wag with groans by buttocks here and there and with howling to finish. My feet to the knees were wet from its vydeleniye. From my spear skin that left deeply inside, behind it was extended by a stocking outside. Everything, will suffice, already painfully, Irina told and began to rise.

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Began to lick a clitoris. If I could, I would howl from pleasure as the chief never with me such did. But my mouth was densely occupied. And I only замычала, covering eyes from pleasure. The third man stuck to my nipples and began to suck away my milk greedy. The fourth asked to lower my back part below.