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Then this samuraychik grew bolder and stared at us. And we carried out at this time exercises at the machine, lifted legs in a vertical twine, and he certainly liked to observe as the girl before it lift up legs. Then it completely оборзел, having understood that it is not interesting to us, and started to approach to everyone and to consider close. The fellow washed, returned to section of single combats and threatened, that kept mum about the happened.

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But now to a look of all seven men extraneous to it, it was open in all the beauty which stared hard at this forbidden fruit for all strangers. Now we saw it in a reality, and it surpassed all our imaginations, it had it very beautiful, her big lips were chubby and long, small pink sponges reminded the semi-dismissed flower in the bottom of which there was such small shchelochka. We did not expect that the little girl had her entrance as, such small and very narrow. Submit my cellular, on it the good chamber and take it feet, feet should be held to us as other three his friends already removed, and their hands were occupied, they did a photo and shot with the chamber. Shreds too took in hands the phone and began to do a photo, it was removed from it and photographed her vagina from different distance. We strong held it from two parties by feet and hands so she as tried could not escape and cramp the feet.

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So, two of them, flowers, music, candles everything was simply remarkable. He gently helped it to undress, on hands carried in a bath where under streams of water began to kiss it violently. It was fine, her young body called and attracted to itself, the breast highly rose, legs were slightly moved apart, and its pink flower was all wet from desire and passion. Having gently clung to it lips it felt its tart taste, felt gentle hardness of a treasured hillock. It moaned from pleasure and all the body moved to it towards.